Peace of mind during life’s transitions.

Managing the financial and healthcare affairs for our community’s elder and special needs populations.

Hansen & Pereira is a full-service fiduciary firm

Located in the heart of historic Old Town, Eureka, a stone’s throw from Humboldt Bay, along the rugged redwood coast of far northern California, the firm is owned and managed by professional fiduciaries Lisa K. Hansen, CLPF, NCG, and Matthew A. Pereira, CLPF, NCG.

Hansen & Pereira offers a spectrum of traditional fiduciary roles. We serve as court-appointed or privately named trustees, trust protectors, executors or administrators of a will, agents for finance under a durable power of attorney, and agents for health care under an advance health care directive. Please see our Services page for a more detailed description of our services.

We take tremendous pride in the fiduciary, or “position of trust” role we fill for our clients and often their families, and provide our services with the utmost of professionalism, integrity, loyalty, and confidentiality. We are members of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC) and the National Guardianship Association, and as such must adhere to the more stringent continuing professional educational requirements and codes of ethics of these associations. Please visit the PFAC website to learn more about the role of a professional fiduciary.

As with accountants, engineers, and architects, professional fiduciaries are licensed and regulated by the California Department of Consumer Affairs, specifically the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau (PFB). Licensed fiduciaries must report details on case load changes, business practices, and personal financial and legal changes to the PFB on an annual basis. Please visit the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau website, which contains information useful for consumers seeking fiduciary services.

Here is an educational video for both consumers and other professionals with information on the history and role of the California Licensed Professional Fiduciary.

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A fiduciary is entrusted to manage your finances, including liquid cash in bank accounts, investment portfolios, estate assets and retirement funds.
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Lisa is a member of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California
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