Lisa: Continuing Professional Education

Annual PFAC State-Wide Conference, April 2014

General Sessions (1.25 – 2.00 hours each):
All You Ever Wanted to Know About Undue Influence & Mental Capacity
Susan Bernatz, PhD
Fiduciary Records – Liability & Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Patrick Kohlmann, JD, CPA
Risk Management – Running a Low Risk Fiduciary Office
Larry Hilton; Sheri Sudweeks, Esq; Andrew Jones
Legislation, The Practical Application
Honorable Julia Craig Kelety; Norine Boehmer, CLPF; Tamila Jensen, Esq.
Ethics & Civility for Professional Fiduciaries
Brad Lovelace, Esq; Kristan Shepard, Esq

Break-Out Sessions (1.25 hours each):
POLST – Engaging Patients & Families in the Discussion
Michael Demoratz, PhD, LCSW, CCM
Selling & Buying Estate Property – When Land & Law Meet
Eloise Feinstein, Esq; Ron Greenwald, MBA
Family Owned Business, Income & Residual Beneficiaries, How to Avoid Common Traps
Kim Joseph Onisko, MA, CPA, ABV, CFF, CFE
20 Ways to Improve Advocacy for Long-Term Care Residents
Lynetta Devereaux, MA, Ombudsman

Annual PFAC State-Wide Conference, April 2013

Conference Pre-Intensive Session (3.0 hours):
A Stitch in Time: An Early Mediation Workshop for Fiduciaries
Claudia Powell, CLPF and Ona Russell, PhD, Powell-Russell Associates

General Sessions (1.5 hours each):
Myths & Misconceptions About Aging
Laura Carstensen, PhD, Founding Director, Stanford Center on Longevity
Decision Making Capacity: What is it? Who Does Not Have It?
Elizabeth Landsverk, MD
Gen Silent: The LGBT Aging Film with Introduction
Deb Kinney, Esq. (1.25 hours)
California Economic Outlook: What Every Fiduciary Needs to Know
Jeffrey Michael, PhD, University of the Pacific
The Fine Line We Walk in Making Ethical Decisions: A Panel
Gene Marchi, NCG, CLPF; Russ Marshall, NMG, CLPF; Sharon Toth, NCG, CLPF, LCSW

Break-Out Sessions (1.25 hours each):
How Obamacare Presents Opportunities and Dangers for Fiduciaries
Kevin Urbatsch, Esq., Myers Urbatsch
Best Practices for Fiduciary Accounting, Tax Compliance & Recordkeeping
Gary Krausz, CPA/CFF, Gursey Schneider, LLP
Recognizing and Addressing Diminished Capacity Secondary to Dementia: Cognitive, Behavioral, and Emotional Manifestations and Options for Treatment
Samuel Gontkovsky, PsyD
Medication Management
Elizabeth Landsverk, MD
POLST and the Role of the Fiduciary: Life, Death, and Ethical Consideration
Laurel Etheridge, Certified Professional Geriatric Care Manager

Annual PFAC State-Wide Conference, April 2012

Conference Pre-Intensive Session (3.5 hours):
Real Estate Management Fundamentals for the Fiduciary
Russ Marshall, NMG, CLPF; William O. Gamble III, CLPF

General Sessions (1.5 hours each):
Ten Things a Professional Fiduciary Needs to Know About the Attorney-Client Relationship
Cynthia Roehl, Esq.; John Deily, Esq.
Financial Elder Abuse Investigation & Prosecution
Gina Satriano, Deputy DA, LA County
How Doctors Die: It’s Not Like the Rest of Us, But It Should Be
Kenneth Murray, MD
Where Does Healthy Aging End and Dementia Begin?
Cordula Dick-Muehike, PhD, UC Irvine MIND Institute
What Would You Do? An Ethics Panel Discussion
Jane Lorenz, CPA, CLPF; Norine Boehmer, NCG, CLPF; Debra Dolch, CLPF, CCF, NCG; Lee Ann Hitchman, MBA, CLPF, NCG

Break-Out Sessions (1.25 hours each):
Traps for the Wary – Hot to Administer an Existing Business as a Fiduciary or Trustee
Jennifer N. Sawday, Esq.; Brooke M. Pollard, Esq.
Unraveling Medicare, Medi-Cal, Social Security, and VA Benefits
Sheri Sudweeks, Esq.
Avoiding the Cracks in the Sidewalk – Conservatory of Estate or Trustee
Deborah Ballins Schwarz, Esq.; Carol Peters, Esq.; Mary Winners, Gerontologist; Maggie Bohlman
Advanced Investment Concepts for Fiduciaries: A Panel View, Elizabeth Soloway
CLPF; Frank Acuna, Esq.; Scott MacDonald & Daniel Cutter, Merrill Lynch Fiduciary & Special Needs Group
Powers of Attorney: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Matthew Yu, Esq.
Conventional & Unconventional Uses of Irrevocable Trust
Kevin Findley, Esq; Jennifer Adams, Esq.
Demystifying the Trust Protector
Kevin Urbatsch, Esq.

Annual PFAC State-Wide Conference, May 2011

Conference Pre-Intensive Session (3.5 hours):
It Takes One Million Nuts to Build a Car, But Only One to Destroy a Trust: Trust 
 Administration to Keep It Together
Frank Acuna, Esq.
Break-Out Sessions of Interest (1 hour each):
Understanding California’s Elder Financial Abuse Laws,
Steven Riess, Esq.
Best Practices: Make Sure You Don’t Inherit a Nightmare
Frank Acuna, Esq.
Mediating Estate, Trust, and Elder Care Disputes: A Family Systems Model
Frank Acuna, Esq.
Limiting Fiduciary Risk in Administering 2010/2011 Estates
Patrick A. Kohlmann, JD, CPA
Advanced Financial Decision Making and Budgeting for Clients: Tools, Processes and Insights
Scott MacDonald & Daniel Cutter
Fiduciary & Special Needs Group
Merrill Lynch; Herb 
 Thomas, CLPF

The Wide, Wide World of Trusts: Irrevocable Trusts, Part 1
Frank Acuna, Esq.
The Wide, Wide World of Trusts: Irrevocable Trusts, Part 2
Frank Acuna, Esq.

How to Use an Attorney Effectively in a Trust Administration Matter
Leslie Yarnes Sugai, Esq.

Annual PFAC State-Wide Conference, May 2010

Conference Pre-Intensive Session (7 hours):
Eldercare from Start to Finish: Advocating for Your Clients from Cradle to Grave
Pat McVey-Ritsick, CLPF; Roseph Ritsick, MD; Sylvia Gandolfo, Care Manager

Break-Out Sessions of Interest (1 hour each):
Fixing the Mistakes: Disclaimers and After-the-Fact Subtrust Funding
Frank Acuna, Esq.
Reading a Trust: What Should Be There and What if It’s Not
Eloise Hock Feinstein, Esq.

Fiduciary Professional Liability Claims Review
Lawrence Hilton, Esq.

When Is It Appropriate to Leave a Case and How Do I Do It? An Ethics Session
Nancy Kaupp Ewin, Esq.
Grandpa Died…Now What? Legal and Financial Issues in Transitioning an Estate
Valerie L. Peck, CFP; Jennifer Sinex, Esq.

Fall PFAC Conference, November 2009

Conference Pre-Intensive Session (6 hours):
Special Needs Trust Administration: the Good, the Bad, and the Ridiculous
Kevin Urbatsch, Esq.; Jeffrey Glick, CPA; James Hyuck, Public Benefits Consultant

Break-Out Sessions of Interest (1 hour each):
Ethics, Morality and the Law
Virginia Palmer, Esq.

The Ethics of Investing
Ted Ong, Registered Investment Advisor
It Wasn’t Me…What is a Fiduciary to do when Faced with Litigation?
Kathleen Durrans, Esq.; Melissa Karlsten, Esq.
Interactive Workshop on Fiduciary Case Analysis
Scott MacDonald, Fiduciary & Special Needs Group, Merrill Lynch; Bonnie Burdett, CLPF; Joyce Anthony, CLPF
Lawsuits: How to Avoid Them
Charles Triay, Esq.