Matt: Continuing Professional Education

Annual PFAC State-Wide Conference, April 2014

General Sessions (1.25 – 2.00 hours each):
All You Ever Wanted to Know About Undue Influence & Mental Capacity
Susan Bernatz, PhD
Fiduciary Records – Liability & Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Patrick Kohlmann, JD, CPA
Risk Management – Running a Low Risk Fiduciary Office
Larry Hilton; Sheri Sudweeks, Esq; Andrew Jones
Legislation, The Practical Application
Honorable Julia Craig Kelety; Norine Boehmer, CLPF; Tamila Jensen, Esq.
Ethics & Civility for Professional Fiduciaries
Brad Lovelace, Esq; Kristan Shepard, Esq

Break-Out Sessions (1.25 hours each):
POLST – Engaging Patients & Families in the Discussion
Michael Demoratz, PhD, LCSW, CCM
How to Get Probate Accountings Approved
Jonathan Udewitz, Esq.; Steve Carvel, Esq.
Trust Administration and Litigation – From the Sublime to the Ridiculous
John Deily, Esq.; Cynthia Roehl, Esq.
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Trustee Protection in a Post Giraldin World
Mary de Leo, Esq.

Annual PFAC State-Wide Conference, April 2013

Conference Pre-Intensive Session (3.0 hours):
Choose Your Own Adventure: How to evaluate a potential case before accepting a case
Kathleen A. Durrans, Attorney, and Melissa R. Karlsten, Attorney

General Sessions (1.5 hours each):
Myths & Misconceptions about Aging
Laura Carstensen, PhD, Founding Director, Stanford Center on Longevity
Decision Making Capacity: What is it?  Who Does Not Have It?
Elizabeth Landsverk, MD
Gen Silent: The LGBT Aging Film with Introduction
Deb Kinney, Esq. (1.25 hours)
California Economic Outlook: What Every Fiduciary Needs to Know
Jeffrey Michael, PhD, University of the Pacific
The Fine Line We Walk in Making Ethical Decisions: A Panel
Gene Marchi, NCG, CLPF; Russ Marshall, NMG, CLPF; Sharon Toth, NCG, CLPF, LCSW

Break-Out Sessions (1.25 hours each):
Basic 1041 + Final 1040: Your Fiduciary Duty
Philip Fiegler, Enrolled Agent, Philtax Inc
Identifying Conflicts of Interest
Carol A. Peters, Esq., Attorney at Law, Law Offices of Carol Peters; Daniel G. Stubbs, NCG, CLPFF; Mary Winners, MSG, Gerontologist
Court and Trust Accounts
Martin Harris, Fiduciary/Trust Accounting Guru, Harris Fiduciary Services
POLST and the role of the Fiduciary; Life, Death and Ethical Considerations
Laurel Etheridge, Professional Geriatric Care Manager, Etheridge Care Management

Annual PFAC State-Wide Conference, April 2012

Conference Pre-Intensive Session (3.5 hours):
Trusts: Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts
Frank R. Acuna, Attorney at Law, Regli & Klein, LLP

General Sessions (1.5 hours each):
Ten Things a Professional Fiduciary Needs to Know About the Attorney-Client Relationship
Cynthia Roehl, Esq.; John Deily, Esq.
Financial Elder Abuse Investigation & Prosecution
Gina Satriano, Deputy DA, LA County
How Doctors Die: It’s Not Like the Rest of Us, But It Should Be
Kenneth Murray, MD
Where Does Health Aging End and Dementia Begin?
Cordula Dick-Muehike, PhD, UC Irvine MIND Institute
What Would You Do?  An Ethics Panel Discussion
Jane Lorenz, CPA, CLPF; Norine Boehmer, NCG, CLPF; Debra Dolch, CLPF, CCF, NCG; Lee Ann Hitchman, MBA, CLPF, NCG

Break-Out Sessions (1.25 hours each):
Tax Issues of Conservatorships and Special Needs Trusts
Sandy Kasten, Attorney, Arnold Tax Service
Recognizing Elder Financial Abuse – What to look for and what to do about it
Steven Riess, Attorney at Law, Law Offices of Steven Riess.
Avoiding the Cracks in the Sidewalk – Conservatory of Estate or Trustee
Deborah Ballins Schwarz, Esq.; Carol Peters, Esq.; Mary Winners, Gerontologist; Maggie Bohlman