About Hansen & Pereira

Hansen & Pereira is a full-service fiduciary firm located in the heart of historic Eureka, perched on the shore of Humboldt Bay along the beautiful, rugged northern coast of California.  The firm is owned and managed by professional fiduciaries Lisa K. Hansen, CLPF, NCG, and Matthew A. Pereira, CLPF, NCG.

Summary of Services

Hansen & Pereira offers services encompassing not only traditional financial and health care fiduciary roles, but also support services for seniors and their families, as well as support services for non-professional fiduciaries.

The firm’s formal Fiduciary Services include serving as court-appointed or privately named trustee, trust protector, executor or administrator of a will, conservator of the estate and/or person, agent for finance under a durable power of attorney, agent for health care under an advance directive, and legal guardian for minor children.

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Elder Support Services function to serve as a safety net for those seniors (and often their geographically distant adult children) who still retain the capacity to manage their financial and/or healthcare decision-making, but could use some assistance with mail management, bill payment, banking, medical coordination and/or health care advocacy.

And finally, Fiduciary Support Services are aimed at those family-member fiduciaries who may be relatively comfortable in their fiduciary roles, but could use some assistance with fiduciary bookkeeping, preparation of formal fiduciary accountings, or other aspects of fiduciary management.

Please see our Services page for a more detailed description of our services.

Lisa and Matt both take tremendous pride in the fiduciary, or “position of trust” role they fill for their clients and often their families, and provide their services with the utmost of professionalism, integrity, loyalty, and confidentiality.  Both Lisa and Matt are members of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC) and the National Guardianship Association, and as such must adhere to the more stringent continuing professional educational requirements of these associations.  Please visit the PFAC website to learn more about the role of a professional fiduciary.

As with accountants, engineers, and architects, professional fiduciaries are regulated by the state via the California Department of Consumer Affairs.  Please visit the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau website within the consumer affairs website, which contains information useful for consumers seeking fiduciary services.

To arrange an initial consultation, free of charge, with Lisa and/or Matt, please call:
(707) 444-9364
or email Lisa or Matt.

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